Defining a Paperless Office

The Paperless Office is still a concept which means that there is a very wide acceptance to what is classed as a Paperless Office. One of the main problems when preparing this report was that the Paperless Office has not yet been defined as a product or a design.

The report covers all the necessary areas to try to establish the concept of the Paperless office but has the concept been categorized in any way. The main explanation where as follows, Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, Volume XI

The above description is cited from the Oxford Dictionary and is concise to its meaning and description, but is this reflection true to what is happening when trying to establish what the paperless office consists of. Would another description be more fitting with regards to what is happening in the real world?

  • A system which is already in your computer, i.e. the email, PDF documents and also the internet browser, this is all been all classed as a paperless office.
  • The other system is when companies employ, a specialized company, to design a system, which will affect all concerns or part concerns, within the computer installation of that organization; this is bespoke within its design.

The above two description are just a short indication, of what has or what is a concept of a Paperless Office. This has indicated what the paperless office concept could mean and how the user will perceive this concept.


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