Introduction S.P.A Secondary Paper Activities

To understand the Cultural and Sociability aspect of the paperless office this blog has stared with what he believes is the most important factor concerning the potential growth of the paperless concept.

The Blog has had to introduce a new meaning, to an area that plays a big part to the understanding of the Paperless Office. The author of the report has only found one other meaning, Harper and Sellen, (2002); and this was more an associated meaning regarding an overall area covering various factors.

The found meaning was called avoidance (avoidness) Harper and Sellen, (2002); This covers various factors such as how we read a piece of paper to how we interact and behave to paper as a communication device between ourselves and others.

This is mainly referring to the chapter in the book Harper and Sellen, (2002) Myths of the Paper Office which discusses the Air Traffic Control Tower communicating with small bits of paper this is mainly due to how the Control Tower communicates between colleagues because of how the communicating installation has been designed

Secondary Paper covers the area of paper activities which you would class as small notetary, small notes, small messages, written notes, communication that is not in paragraph form or long sentenced to together.

In the modern office today a large amount of secondary paper activities exists probably even without knowing that you do this activity. A large percentage of these activities are common practice but unfortunately the existing paperless office systems do not cover this activity.

This new possible aspect to the paperless office may have an underling effect on why the paperless office has not grown to its full potential. The secondary paper is an issue that has to address if the concept want to become an acceptable system.

To the Authors knowledge a facility study covering this type of communication of secondary paper activities has not been published before, this will also indicate to what type of secondary paper activities exists and also what type of figures this may cover within a office department.

The secondary paper issue must be covered and explained to the extent that is has to be recognised as a factor when discussing the Concept of the Paperless Office. It can not be disregarded or overlooked to what we are classing is the Paperless Office at the moment.


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