Introduction (Blog)

This blog will provided an understanding of how the user perceives every day technology with a view that the existing technology may be inadequate for the use in the design for the Concept of the Paperless Office.

The blog will identify problematic areas that are associated with sociable cultural technological advances and a relevant undiscovered new area of Secondary Paper Activities which looks at hand written paper notes which are used as part of every day activity within the office environment. 

The blog will clearly identify that the above areas are affecting the progressive system with relation to the paperless office concept complete with an understanding why the paperless office has not received recognition as a product or a place into day’s society.

The readings and literature material associated with the Paperless Office Concept used for this blog clearly indicated a lack of information with regards to why the paperless office has not progressed to the level expected. The research showed that there was only one main publication that addressed the social and practicality of how the user has reacted to the technological interface with relation to the paperless office.


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