Environment (Green Issues) and Paperless Office

If the sociability is a concern regarding the potential growth of the Paperless Office could the green environmental concerns play a part in the concepts future?

The paperless office and green issue ! how can the two work together in theory there should be no waste paper or any paper at all.

There are plenty of articles that this could be the way forward stating that if you had a paperless office you could also go green and to a certain degree this would be a true statement.

It could be obvious to say that if you do not have any paper in the office and all your systems are paperless than you must be saving the planet and going green.

So how has this effected the environment that we live in.The first thing is that if we do not use any paper in the system this will effect the amount of paper we require so in the long run we are saving trees that have to be cut down and therefore indirectly on CO2 Emissions which has an overall effect on the environment and this as we know and understand as being the basics of the paperless office and in general a greener environment to all parties concerned.

Looking at the evidence to the research and reading the paperless green statistics this is non existence and there seems to be no main advertisement statement and no government recommendations or even any acknowledgment to inform us that the Paperless office could contribute to a greener environment.

The government also states that it is the individual departments concerns if they require passing any comment regarding green environmental issues.

They also recommend that the government departments would take individual decisions regarding this areas and the author of the report also contacted the cabinet office for any comment and is still waiting for a reply.

What has been discovered and found that there is a direct and indirect campaign with regards to the green implications and the paperless office.

It has been mentioned that there are two simple areas of the paperless systems the purpose built and the existing system which comes complete with his or her computer.

If there are only two areas would this effect the overall possible environmental issues when we buy a new computer or a laptop it does not matter what type of electronic items we use or buy the main concern it that the item is not directly connected to a green issue the paperless system at the moment is more of an ongoing idea.

The title of “Paperless System“ inform us that there is no paper so therefore it must be green solely on it’s default alone this will have an effect on possible promoting and advertising.

The other area of interest is the billing area and the invoicing area the department or section which is responsible for posting the appropriate billing information.

The conclusion is that the only thing in our mind regarding the paperless office is this section what about all the other areas like the paper pads, post it notes, scrap pieces of paper the paper we use in meeting, the paper we use just to take notes when we are sat at our desks and even the paper that is used just to doodle in our spare time ?


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