I Pad and the Paperless Office…about a year ago

I heard and read some interesting reports that the I pad will carve the way forward and try to bring the paperless in to the future.

It’s quite interesting that about a year ago I designed  and calculated  Engineering Statistics for what I would call a very similar product for that very purposed not as a main computer designed but a sub part to increase the efficiency rate of caring and transferring paper within the office

I calculated with a 95% confidence rate taken form my frame work, that a portable design could be designed to accommodate SPA’s within a 10 range Activity programme.

And what are we reading now that the basic design i.e. the pad will help us to bring the paperless office into a more modern design.

The main difference is the overall purpose report and the manufacturing cost, the I Pad is approx £400.00, my sub design was estimated 1/3 of that cost.

My design was not to match what we have now i.e. a new age of hard ware and in time will probably make the std computer design i.e. the upright screen and the box type hard drive a thing of the past, but with the same principal in how to make the acceptability and sociability of how we should perceive that the user will require in the new future to accommodate the areas of SPA and avoid ness.

 In time will be posting more about the product.



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