External Influencing Factors

If we look at what could be any external influence’s that are effecting the potential growth of the paperless office?

We could state that technology to a certain degree is a part of all this or is it that the concept of the paperless office has not become a living part of our social lives yet.

Could we could compare this to the mobile phone industry, we all know that least 80% of the population will have or has had a mobile phone in some description.

Is this because this application is designed for a more social activity as the concept of the paperless office is amore ridge format dull and boring and only belongs in the office environment which is normally associated to duties that we have to perform not the duties that we want to perform.

Could the introduction of the I pad not as a product, but as a concept within its self have a revise impact i.e. Mainly designed for a social pastime and activity could the concept because the people want to use this product, some how have an inverted influence of the over all aspect of the concept.

We all know in time that the I pad will be copied and various products will be released in the near future this happens to all products within there lift cycle.

Could the next step be the obvious will the pad design replace the traditional computer design with a connection stand for static purpose and a plug in a traditional key board but still retain it’s overall purpose which you can physically move it around your home and use the touch screen applications in all it’s spender.

Could this be the way forward as the next step to make the concept a favourable aspect with the potential growth of the paperless office?

I do have mine own thoughts about what should be the next step or could assist the potential growth of the paperless office and in time these will be posted on my blog.


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