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We all understand that managements flow systems may have helped the development of the paperless office system. But one of the areas that may still be behind is that of paper file.

Unfortunately the management flow systems does have it disadvantages it will help to store filing requirements but as in all office environment paper files will always have to be viewed and printed

What are the reasons for us to print a file is this because this has become the normal way of reading or is it because there has not been an alternative way to the level that is acceptable and sociable

Printing is a requirement for posting could it be for writing additional note on the file, or passing the information to a third party etc, there could be a lot of reasons why we need to print.

 The main three or four reasons that could contribute to a file are:

  • Reading
  • Posting
  • Physically checking the document
  • Viewing for internal and external usage

The file will always be a requirements a storage device that will keep documents long or short term.

The traditional file has normally been a lever arch file type but as technology grows will the paper file be a thing of the past.

One of the reasons which have been discussed in the previous chapters is that of sociability. Has an electronic file made the system an impact and can it replace the paper file.


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