Alternative to the mouse

I wrote an article some time ago about the end of the mouse as we know it, but what else could replace it Apple think it’s the track pad although I do not totally agree that this will replace the mouse.

 I generally believe that will be a short interim measure before all computers will be touch screen but it’s a step in the right direction.

It obvious that the likes of Apple are heading in this direction with the I phone and I pad completely multi-touch-based so there no requirement for the mouse

If this is the overall trend of apple surely people will follow?


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2 responses to “Alternative to the mouse

  • diannawiggins

    So how does this work? It looks a lot like the touch pad on a laptop.

    • martin smith

      Thanks for your comment, you are correct, in English terms, wireless touch pad which is a lot like a touch pad which we all use in our laptops, instead of a wireless mouse you will use this in very much the same way.

      It’s been around for some time so it’s not new, as I mentioned in the article it’s seems to be an interim between the traditional mouse and new touch sense technology

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