What Documents to keep (Paperless)

Is it advisable to remove and dispose of all your documents and paper, this is general thought of what documents and papers to keep, If you are thinking of starting a paperless office.

Please do not be put of with any legal requirements especially if you are starting a legal service or if you are self employed and you are on a limited budget, my only advise is if you are unsure of what documents to keep obtain legal advice form your accountant or solicitor, but below is a guide to get you started.

  • Documents dealing with family matters such as wills, divorce and adoption
  • Notices dealing with the consequences of late or non-payment or the termination of an agreement
  • Court documents
  • Product recall notices
  • Notices sent with hazardous materials
  • Original paper records of VAT records.

These need to be retained for no less than one VAT period for inspection by the VAT office. After a VAT return has been submitted, the original VAT records can then bescanned and filed electronically within the document record management system

Original vouchers for tax deducted or for tax credits.


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