Scanner Terminology and Protocol

What is SCSI?

The acronym SCSI (pronounced “scuzzy”) stands for Small Computer System Interface.

SCSI is an interface standard for connecting peripheral devices to PCs and can be found on a majority of scanners.

What is USB?

USB, or Universal Serial Bus is a standard computer interface that is included with the majority of personal computers. The USB interface allows the user to connect external devices including scanners, digital cameras, printers, keyboards, and mice to the PC. The current USB specification is 2.0. The 2.0 standard supports and is backwards compatible with the previous specification, 1.1.

What are TWAIN and ISIS?

TWAIN and ISIS are industry standard scanner drivers. They allow you to seamlessly connect your scanner to hundreds of scanning applications.

What is OCR?

OCR or Optical Character Recognition is a software process where an image is converted to text data. Once the image is converted, the text can be edited by a word processing/spreadsheet application or the text data can be used as an index to perform full text searches and retrieval.

Flatbed Scanner

Flatbed scanning may be required for customers that have photographs, fragile, old, or oversized documents.

Why doesn’t the ScanSnap include a TWAIN driver? Will there be a TWAIN driver?

The ScanSnap scanner is a personal document imaging solution. It includes intelligent document processing of images that make it an ideal fit for any business professional looking for a paper to PDF solution. The automatic processing and ease of use make it an ideal solution for any business user, regardless of their knowledge of scanner drivers and software. To streamline the paper to PDF process, a TWAIN driver isn’t included or required to operate the unit. ScanSnap can scan directly to the computer’s hard drive with the capability of launching any PDF or JPEG based application to view the image.

Long Document Scanning

Long Document Scanning functionality is used to process longer than normal paper sizes. Long documents can be in the form of loan documents, Medical equipment logs, and similar documents.


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