Reading (Paperless System)

If the Paperless office is to carry on into the future understanding why and what people read weather it more business or pleasure is it books or the net, how much printing do we do? Is reading from the web a more common trend or is it just a place of obtaining information.

One thing that has been noticed form the internet regarding reading an article or a report from a web site which has been designed in a normal way that most websites have not been designed for reading .There are many site advertising articles and reports for us to read.

The design of the page or screen for any standard website has certain not been designed for reading ,meaning to sit down and read an article or report which will take you more than 5 minutes to read form a website.

Taking a closer look at the surround features and advertising which covers the article or report could these be too many distractions the eye will have to look at the surrounding non information to take the whole page into account.

Not all the information on the internet is non informational in it’s design and readability when you read e mails and short messages these are designed to meet there requirements, but when reading an item that is constructed to a Para graphical structure the standard webpage has not been designed for this feature.

Which takes us into the question? why place it on the web in the first place these are just a few areas that need to be investigated one of the answers may be a reading mode button that just views the contents of what you want to read, eradicating all the advertising or non informational distractions.

The above chapter has been a brief introduction into how we understand what is available on the web and how we read from a web page.


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