Advertisng and the Paperless Office

This section briefly looks at how might the paperless office be advertise to see if a pattern has developed over the years.

It is and certainly been a standard procedure with any advertising campaign or product to develop a strategy to maximise the products full potential and as this report is not meant to be solely a report on the advertising strategies for the paperless office it is noticeable to see that the paperless system has not developed to what could be called nationalized advertised campaign or even started to obtain a brand name for a system for even for a particular product which is known throughout the industry.

The companies who design paperless system will have there own marketing and advertising campaign to ensure that the product will reach it full potential. But if you look at the paperless office systems the advertising campaign is geared to the concept or wording of the paperless office not one company has developed a system which has place the name or product system before the concept of the paperless office.

Could you class this as a business product only or would you advertise this to the general public and a major green concern that has environmental issues. If you advertised this as a business solution would you be able to maximise this area or if you advertised this as the solely personal computer accessory which enable you to capitalize on the future personalized computer equipment

It is interested to read that there may be an invisible barrier to where the paperless office has to be directed could it be the business world or should it be the environmental issues and to a certain point could it both.

Advertising Study

On viewing and reading how companies advertise the concept of the paperless office a study was carried out with twenty companies to see if a trend or even prominent areas had been developed. 

The process of selecting the companies where based on the following:

  • Each web site clearly advertised that they where selling a product which was related to the concept of the Paperless Office.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of “Environmental” Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of “Business or Solution” Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the companies Literature the mentioning and wording of “Business or Solution and Environmental” Paperless was clearly mentioned. 

Below is a graph indicating which section out of the twenty companies advertises the concept of a Paperless Office. This was separated into four sections, Business, Management Software, Environmental and Medical

All the categories that have been covered have been mentioned in the description of what the company was trying to advertise, if in the business category the main area of advertising as to inform the customer that this system would be able to fit in to there business model or organization to achieve a paperless office, if indicated in the environmental section then this company was selling the paperless office with a view to the environmental concerns

The companies categories have been crossed over into each section, so one company might be advertising the system in the management system, business and also environmental.

The diagram clearly indicates that all companies apart form one which was in the medical industry have advertised there system within a business community second was the management software application as a paperless office system and third and forth was the environmental and the medical sectors respectively.

The chart has given the reading a good indication to where the main areas of advertising are within the main stream of the concept of the Paperless Office.

This information can help with the understanding how the concept has grown and what direction the Paperless Office has taken. From the findings it has clearly indicated that the area is more business solution, but how can the companies who advertise this solution make an impact. A good understanding of the Schumpeter’s wave theory would assist the reader of how this may take place. 


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