Is this the reason why the Paperless Office is still a Concept? (Pt1)

Schumpeter‘s Wave

What is a  Schumpeter’s Waves; Freeman, Louca (2005); and Geels (2006); there are many items that are connected to the Schumpeter’s wave theory and also the idea of the wave has many individual thoughts.

The information records back into the 1700’s, this would be the first class of the wave, this brought the ideas of water power, textiles and iron, the next wave was in the 1800 which introduction steam, railways and steel and the 1950’s was the fourth wave which, looked at Aviation, Electronics and petrochemicals, bringing us up to date to the 1900’s with Digital networks, Software and New Media.  

The above sections are called Tidal waves of each Centaury the ideas and cultures starting and changing the way we live work and sleep to the extent that they have changed the lives we live in.

This may be extreme to the point of the Paperless Office on the other hand it may not, the paperless office may be the concept that will change the working principals in the world we live in as many people can spend up to 10 hours a day in the work place some people send more time with there work colleagues then they do with there family.

So how is the Schumpeter’s wave connected to the paperless office? If you understand the concept of destructive innovation then this may give you some idea or thoughts of that may be happing or not which more the case is.

Companies that are revolutionizing new industries such Xerox in copiers or Polaroid in instant photography their profits fall and their dominance vanish as rival companies have launched improved designs or cut manufacturing procedures. These may be old styles of products but the message comes across to the extent that in time new and improved technologies will be better than the old inventions.

How do these companies start with such an idea not just that but how do they have the power in the first place to become in that situation.

Successful companies with new and good innovations and ideas are normally given a source of temporary market power which will erode the profits and position of old companies. Ultimately this will give to the pressures of new inventions and companies.

This can be called Freeman (1988) and Perez (2001) Creative destruction which is a powerful economic concept because it can explain many of the dynamics of industrial change the transition from a competitive to a monopolistic market and back again. It has been the inspiration of endogenous growth theory and also of evolutionary economic within the system that we all live in.

Economics state that they are cycles which act and push i.e. wave along to the next turning point this may be true to a normal person this would mean natural progression it is obvious that a product will be beaten by a other product weathers its down to a cycle or just plain technologies  advantages.

Is it possible to place an idea or even a products as well as an innovation within a wave or cycles some or even most economics believe so.

So how can we place these into a certain point of a wave or a cycle first we must categories if an innovation or idea has been placed into an area of identified and belonging if an idea or innovation can be not measured how can it be an idea.


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