The Pen and the Paperless Office

What do we write in the office?

This may be a strange question to ask but if you think about, if we do not know how we write or what we write and when, and as we all know this is one of the bare essentials within the office environment how can we even think about a paperless office.

If you are reader of this blog you know that I have been researching with Bradford University over the passed 12 months the Social and also a different aspect of the paperless system with a main concentration towards Secondary Paper Activities.

One of the research contributions was that a survey was carried out in what we actually do with respect to what we write, and how we write it.

This was separated into two sections from the findings

The main purpose of the survey report is to identify what SWC Activities took place within an office environment. Below indicates what percentage totals are given for the S.W.C Activities and non paper activities this figure is a combined total figure from all the different departments combined.

S.W.C Activities                    65.60%

These consisted of the following:

  • E mail                                                                                     
  • PDF                                                                                        
  • Word Document                                                          
  • Electronic Dairies

(Small excerpt form the findings)

As well as separating them into the two sections the SWC Activities where also separated into two which was by default Para graphical and non Para graphical, this was to identify which section was required to S.W.A and S.P.A as S.P.A concentrated  on the non Para graphical written communication i.e. short written notes etc.

What does this information tell us, if 65% of written communication within an office environment is covered by S.W.A and Para graphical written formation, then do we still need a pen as a form of communicating?

I have mentioned about Para graphical written communication, when do we use this, if you are situated within a office and the next time you have to write a report or any document that you know that will require to write one or more paragraphs, you will automatically start to use any Word Program or write straight to PDF or to a associated connected program, traditionally you start to type.  

This does and has opened a lot of questions regarding the possible work flow systems within the office environment regarding E work flow Systems and non E Work systems.


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