File Bank System (Paper File) Concept

The paper file can be an important factor when taking into account the overall concept of the Paperless Office it can contribute a true understanding of the meaning Paperless of how to reduce a large amount of spare paper requirements.

 One of the physical problems that is a contribution to the paperless office is the reality problem and the feeling ness of new technology that does not have a physical and solid presence.

 How can a file bank help us to overcome this problem? File banking can allow a across section of new technology and also a slower rate of decreasing the problem of physical reality.

Files can be transferred onto a memory stick or a USB Device and the file can be downloading onto other computers.

This is not a major step in advanced technology but this is not the purpose the purpose of the file bank system is that it allows you to keep that physical reality check with the areas of still having to hold and carry a file which is transfer in to a file bank station.

The purpose of the file bank station is that it will replace the old fashioned filing cabinet but it will keep the presence of files stored in a central area and not in each individual computer.

How File Banking works is that you have a Flash File and a redesign USB device. The file is still situated within the hard drive and the files transfer onto the USB Device and then you download it into the file bank the file bank is a total stand alone central file system.

The file bank is not connected to your computer the main reason for this is that there seems to be no intermediate solution for filing for the Paperless Office System.(the file bank station is not networked)

The other main reason is that the company can control the cost of the installation as the file banks are stand alone systems you can decide how many File banks you require, one to each floor of your office complex or one to each department this will also help to keep the cost down.

 The system still keeps the reality and physical presence of a file and a central filing system. Each filing station could have a special reading section and or a scanning section the other main purpose for this is to keep it portable and but also to keep it independent to keep the cost down so it is cost effective for the small companies.

 To the author knowledge there is not a commercial product that offers this system of file banking. If this system was introduced it would certainly help to reduce the storing of the paper file which are situated around the office.

As i have mentioned this is not a major technology advance system,this is not it’s purpose it’s to help a slower rate of decreasing the problem of physical reality.

 The file is down loaded onto the USB Device and then it can be physically carried to the File Bank and then information is down loaded into the designed software..

File banking could be a correct step in the right direction if the reports and studies are indicating that the general public are still not confidence with a totally free paper environment then a slow incremental step would probably be the best solution not as a paper requirement but still having the physically reality .

Basic sketch of the file bank system is in the above link.

The above diagram indicates how the File Bank System works with three easy steps.


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