Web Page Reading Design Study

We have discussed in the previous section how reading from the web may have to change to start meeting the demand of the way the web is becoming a necessity in the way we live the lives we do

A decision was taken to carry out a survey to try to establish how much non reading material can be found on a standard web site which of the viewing material was designed for reading and which was designed for non reading to the areas and matters concerned. 

What percentage of a reading area was available on a standard screen to see if one of the reasons why people have not yet conformed to the idea of the paperless office.

This new idea of reading from a screens is not yet sociable accepted or is it that the general public who read material from a screen have not yet experienced a screen that has been designed especially for reading and if a screen was designed would this encourage a reader to read form the screen and not to print out on piece of paper.

Webpage Design Study

The type of websites that where used for the study have been randomly chosen with the following point in mind.

  • The web site clearly indicated that the site was offering to view reading material.
  • The web site clearly advertised that the main purposed of the site was to read material.
  • The web site indicated that the some of the contents of the site was to read material.
  • The web site indicated that the purpose of the site was to publish and to read material.

Out of the ten websites only one had an extra facility to transfers the document to abode reader this certain helps if the document can be transferred but this still causers concern that the user still has to transfer a document to another software package to read the main concerns.

If the reader has to transfer the document to another software package they might as well printer the document out in real time this is a lot quicker transaction than transferring the document to adobe reader.

The study wanted to look at if there is a connection why and if a person would still want to print a document compared to read a document on a screen.

Could there be a simply answer is the screen to small is there too many distractions on the screen which will tell the eye and you will loose your of thought or it could be that people have not yet accepted that this is a way of reading and people still want to read on a piece of paper or in book.

Study Details

Screen size 30cm x 23cm (Total Sq 690sqcm)

  • http://www.scribe.com                                                        
  • 252sqcm       43.6%
  • http://www.teachers.scholastic.com                             
  • 238sqcm       45.2%                                             
  • http://www.articlebase.com                                              
  • 110sqcm        58.0%
  • http://www.publicarticle.com                                          
  • 540sqcm        15.0%                                                             
  • http://www.enzinarticle.com                                             
  • 225sqcm        52.5%             
  • http://www.ezinarticle.com                                                
  • 165sqcm        17.7%             
  • http://www.bspan.com                                                         
  •  225sqcm       46.5%
  • http://www.pynter.com                                                       
  • 229sqcm        46.1%
  • http://www.articledepot.co.uk                                          
  • 368sqcm        32.2%
  • http://www.ArticleSubmission.com                               
  • 240sqcm        45.0%

The total sq cm of all ten websites totals to 2592 sq cm if you average this out over the ten websites the average space that is wasted , i.e. non related to the item that you are reading comes of the pages is for advertising, general other information and non related subjects.

  • Average non related area to the contents of reading  40.18%

This is 40% of a screen that is wasted space around the item that you are trying to read this still excludes the moving and sometimes flashing advertisement which are placed next to the item.

This information has indicated that the standard website design for reading has 40% of the surrounding area wasted and this will result in the reader been distracted from trying to read the material.

The survey is not trying to re design the website page or even advise that the designers should be re designing all of the websites it has indicated that the standard website page is not designed for reading.

If this is what the general public has been used to, then this must have an overall effect to how people have perceived the website as a reading communication tool which can only affect the idea of the Paperless Office.


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