Basic Reading and Writing (Paperless)

As stated in the previous articles the web page design with regards to reading has indicated a deficiency but what about how the computer is used as a writing device for the concept of the Paperless Office.

Trying to make the Paperless Office a reality that it will play a part in the lives we live in regarding the office and work place could the problem be that we are trying to design an environment rather than a product or could this is the other way round that we are designing a product rather than an environment.

Is there some confusion to what has been designed so far believing that may be a software package will be adequate and to call it a paperless office?

Designing software which fits into our standard computers is this still only designing a non Ould (2007), management flow system which helps us to organise what is already in use but advertised and sold as an answer to the Paperless Office.

Instead of designing software could the answer be the hardware?

There can be a lot of descriptions meaning Hardware for the purpose of the article the author has indicated that the hardware will mean Computer screen, keyboard and the external hard drive. If we need to look at the hardware should we look at what we do in the office but has the design of the standard computer been left standing and become unsociable

We must start with the basics reading and writing how people interact with the keyboard and also the screen how we can improve the readability. Can we improve when we write on the screen can we feel the same feeling that we get form a piece of paper and a pen.

The paperless office will evolve itself believing that it is a simple as that. This may be a bold statement but changing the concept of what we call a home computer and also what we have in the work place which consist of a screen and keyboard.

The only main big difference is how you connect all the computers together and do you have enough space and is your main frame big enough. So what could the answers be to change the concept of how we read and write form a computer.


Could one of the answers be that making the screen designs a more interactive item at the moment its design is static changing the size of the screen. When reading from the screen everything in an oblong sense it’s a piece of paper on its side.

Making the screen detachable form the stand so you can actually move it around but at the same time still is able to read form the screen. Buttons could be placed on the side of the screen to keep you interactive with the screen, scroll up down etc, and move to the next page etc. The screen must be able to placed back in to the stand and be secure if you need to send a long time situated at your desk or table.

Design a reading software button that all written text weather in a web site or in a word document and PDF document spans to a white back ground and there are no distractions and if you want to read a report or an article it could be designed so it is as close as possible to reading a book.

Reading an article or a report it would be possible to physically take the screen from the stand and read it where ever you like. So you get the feeling of and the interaction of holding something when reading.

The software design of the pages and front etc will come in time people will be able to chose there own requirements to suite there own needs obviously we would assume that the older generation would want it as close as possible to the real thing but the new generation would not be so particular as there are already used to the age of the computer rather than books.


The keyboard is a writing implement and for some time now technology has used haptics Galvet, Charles, Stein (2004), of the screen to the relation of a technology pen this has been very up and down and when this was the first introduced, it was going to change the way we used the computer and unfortunately after a period of time the resolution of the type and writing was not good enough.

Was the technology pen misunderstood? Could this be the reason why, considering what we write and in what contents, social, work, fun, is the tech pen a real requirements.

What do we use a pen and paper form at the moment if you have to write a report would you start writing on a piece of paper or would you go straight to the word doc and start typing.

What would you want to write with a tech pen it would come in no more than four categories, impulsive, message, reminder, sub broken (note writing).

 Anything that is subject to continuous sentences and Para graphical would most be performed in a typed format. So there is a requirement for a tech pen but not to replace the more traditional pen.

The keyboard design is a major area that has to be addressed why has the keyboard design not changed over the years. The keyboard type sets still has this continuous number of buttons that are added to the keyboards most of them are not used and can be a complete waste of time.

What changes have happened to any electrical device that involves typing the only example that could be used is the mobile phone instead of using a standard type set the action involves a more pick process from a screen and button then traditional typing.

Placing the type set on the screen this can still be a difficult area to address the reason for this is that most reports and findings state that people do not like typing to the degree where they can not feel the button been pressed down.

Making the keyboard more electronic and displaying less buttons on the type set would help to minimise the structure of the keyboard .The principal of making a more hand held instrument than a flat based keyboard would take into account the problem of distant physical connection to the screen as discussed in the previous sections.

The main purpose for the these changes is not to change them for the sake of it but for the basic principals to be understood and the main reason is so the user can have a more interactive usage but at that the same time covering what the computer and all the aspects should be doing and that is making sure that the computer is designed for the bare essentials for reading and writing.


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