Theory behind the file Bank (Paper file)

What is the theory behind the file Bank (Paper file) Concept?

If you have read any of my articles will have understood that I believe that the paperless systems is not just about technology advances or software programmes there is a strong social and cultural aspect that must be taken into account if the paperless office concept is to become a major part in our lives.

And this is the reason why?

If we design a software package that claims to be paperless system, the first thing is that it is not, for various reasons, the software does mot eradicate SPA, the software will only be designed to a present technological level, the software will always be at least two or three steps behind the hardware not because it has been designed that way, but because the technology race has informed us that this is the case.

If we look at the introduction of the I pad which to a certain degree has reborn the Table PC. This is what will happen, the software will be designed and installed into our standard PC the normal type i.e. External hard drive, keyboard, screen , within a five year period I believe that the above computer hardware will be obsolete and the I pad general design will have taken it’s place I can assure you within approximately five years this will be the case, so what will happen is that the software designed for the std computer will now be obsolete and then what will happen to the paperless office, we will start to read that the concept is still a waste of time and it will not happen in our lift time.

So what is the answer, take a step back, and do not be bullied by the technology advances and race, take a more closer look at the design applications and not just the design. Do not rely on the internet intervention and do not build or design solely around a network framing system..

One of the main concerns is that we are in a technology race to make and design the fastest and best system available and in principal is not wrong but some times this is not the best solution.

We have take in to account a more human relationship and sometimes this may involve a step back, not with the technology but with the application design from the original thought process.

I have also been a big believer that to design a better software for the concept of the paperless is not the answer, designing a software and installing it into your computer and stating that it is a paperless system, this to a certain degree will be ok, but looking at the whole picture this does not help the development of the paperless concept.


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