Scanning (more than just a machine)

This is one area that no matter which system you have weather it’s a purpose design system or an existing computer system unless you have started form scratch, scanning will be required, to copy or scan your existing documents.

This section will not cover the technical specifications but will address that scanning is a requirement if you want to achieve a paperless office .One of the main problems companies have experienced is what to scan.

If a company has decided to start a paperless environment do they start with the existing paper documents or slowly start to introduce a paperless environment or do they introduce a dual paperless and paper system.

Another area of concern is that which of the documents do you scan, do you scan all the documents when they arrive or do you scan just the important documents. Then a decision of process has to be introduced to establish which documents are important and which documents are not!

Unfortunately the scanning process is not just a straight forward procedure scanning each document as and when. There is a connecting management data requirement to maximise the efficiency to establish which document has to be scanned and copied.

If the installation is a one off installation then this requirement has already been designed but at the moment the general scanner as a design is of a stand a lone product, which will be plugged or installed into your software and this does not come part of your standard computer package installation.

Scanning and Filing have evolved around the same principal as the microfilm was developed in the year 1836, but used commercial in the 1920’s and this was a way of copying documentation to reduce its size and therefore reducing the storage area.

When you receive paper documentation you scan the document place it into a file and save the actual piece of paper then this can be disregarded or stored in the normal way.

The basics of this process have not changed over the years only the technology has changed scanning can help to reduce the overall paper holding and also storage facility.

Scanning can be an in-depth section within the Paperless office concept and a great deal of thought must go into this activity to obtain the greatest efficiency when planning the scanning requirements. The author has not decided to cover this section in great detail, just to mention that it does play a part in the overall concept of the paperless office. 

Scanning can be a complex area to cover and it has mentioned a great deal of thought must be placed before any scanning procedures are implemented another area is that of attitude and how a company or organisation.


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