B.P.M and the Paperless System

The Business Process Management Life-Cycle

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Business Process Management is a management focusing approach regarding all aspects of an organization with requirements and needs of the client. It is a holistic management approach that promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.

The main part of Business Process Management is the business process, which can be descried as a “collection of related structured activities that produce a service or product that meet the needs of a client”.

 The system approach is very similar to the management work flow system and is a large key to the design of a paperless office system, designed to meet the requirements of the customer and the paperless office system. The main area where this system has helped the paperless office system is that of how companies have been able to use the Technology to assist the client to achieve a more approachable system.

This is a very similar to a works flow management system but has the client’s requirements in mind and not an internal steps management flow system.

The system acts in two ways it assists the management process to achieve internal efficiency but it also achieves direct connect to a client, when information has to be sent direct this does only effect invoicing but all kinds of transferable information.

Reading various reports from company’s introduction to the Paperless Office software system and the management work flow system and especially the Business Process Management, generally they have seen an increase in the transaction rate, of receiving documentation using a Business Process Management this has helped to increase efficiency of approximately 15% although this information is believable a general concerns will have to be measured to take into account there own advertising and offering statically information.

Both the management and business systems are a step in the right direction concentrating on the actual process of paper, this has to be addressed in the general terms and covering all aspects of the Paperless Office System.

Although this does leave a big gap in the secondary paper issues and to a certain degree is more of a process meets technology in the event that it might change and remove the paper form the office.

A main aspect of the management system is process, but including within the process there are various factors. One of the factors is the filing requirements and associated filing requirements.


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