eReaders, can we curl upto a book !

So there is no confusion to what we are writing about, when we say hardware we mean what you physically hold in your hand, some people do class hardware as the software running application, I do think that this seems to be I little misleading at times and I do believe that it can play a important role when designing and also reading from a eReader.

What do you say is the most important factor when designing a eReader, it’s stylish looks with all the modern applications, it’s ability to connect to the world wide web, crystal clear reading surface, back and white print or colour, it’s looks and feel to replicate a book or newspaper the list is endless and it will be a personnel choice but there must be a bare minimum requirement to all eReader designs.

This has to be a clear and crystal reading screen, you can have all the latest gadgets, but if this is not acceptable then you are on to a loser before you begin.

I think in the early days when the eReader was just starting this was a problem but as we all know as technology grows, these small areas are ironed out and we do not have such a problem anymore.

E Ink displays has somewhat slowed lately, with the Kindle and the Sony reader models being out for quite a while now. Things are looking up, however, with the latest announcement from E Ink trying to update the display tech in order to beat the Apple iPad.

Most noticeable features are an improvement from the standard 7:1 contrast ratio screens to the much easier on the eye 12:1 ratio – and a faster refresh rate. E Ink claims this refresh rate is fast enough to support simple animations.

So if we are starting to master the concept of the reading ability, then what else could you class as been important.

To follow are the products on the market that everybody is buying and they all have a general same design parameters.

I generally believe that it’s not what you class been important but what do you want to read and how you want to read it, Do you want to read the item on the go or do you want to read it in the comfort of your own home.

I do think that this area has reached a turning point as to what the customer perceives to what the product should be to what the designer perceives what the product should be.


All the above Ereaders are approximately designed the same with regards to the overall demin 8 * 5.3* 0.36 to 10.4 * 7.2 * 0.4 Inches. Weighs approximately 8 to 12 ounces some are designed with touch screen some are not the running applications are a other story, as I have mentioned within an other post.

 My main point is that the above Ereaders are designed to be small, compact, portable and are really designed for the so called on goes that are constant on the move and who require information at a press of a button.

Is there or should there be a section if you want to read in private or in the comfort of your own home, I certainly believe that there is, if I wanted to read a book or even a magazine then I would not want to read a small potable compact screen.

I do believe that these types of Ereaders are great and they do provide a great portable devices for people which require information or need to read a few pages etc, but if I wanted to curl up to a book or magazine this is not the type of environment that I would be comfortable with.

So is there an answer I generally believe that the above Ereaders are great for the purpose but I have my concerns with regards to the type of environment that this will slowly progress to, it is only matter of time before the general public will start and want to read a book or a newspapers in the comfort of they own home

The above products will not be acceptable, Why , to small and to expensive , there is a nature progression here that the eReader will be become a thing of the past and the new buss word will be Tech paper, a single sheet that will let you down load any book, newspaper or document, the size of approx the I pad where you can keep the feeling of that traditional aspect.



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