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The Last Post

Well I will say that this is the last post for the site SPA Paperless Office Project the reason why is that times have changed the site will have a new name and a new look complete with a totally new area to the paperless office, it will still have the roots of the S.P.A Foundation and still built around what I believe is still one of the fundamentals of achieving a paperless environment.

What will the new site have, a purpose built Management Efficacy SPA Template Tool and an Efficacy SPA Paperless Template Tool plus a few others.

How will the site be designed, it will have a new looking reader friendly screen a new external link friendly system plus the all the usual posts that are connected to the paperless environment for the person who wants to understand and read thought and interesting posts that are connected to this subject.

The site design will constantly be updated to improve the reader’s experience.

What will be the site called? To keep in line with the original thoughts of the first web site the name Paperless Endeavour will hope to keep the ever lasting and changing environment that to a certain degree will always try to keep up with the Technologies advances and break thoughts that are always trying to improve the world we live in weather it’s in the office or associated Technologies.

The new site will be launched in January next year, so I hope to see you then, other wise have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year.

Martin Smith


Is SPA Just note taking?

I have written this post for various reasons. I have spent the past two years studying an area of what I think is connected to an important area of the paperless office not only to the office environment but to the paperless environment.

I still think that this subject is very important not because I have provided calculations that it exists and tried to bring it to the attention of anybody who is connected to the paperless environment but as a building block to try to understand how an interaction of written communication which is not directly connected to your computer main frame or connected to the office PC can be classed as a paperless system.

And to this day you can not state that you are running a true paperless system if you still perform SPA’s within your work office or environment.

Could you state that SPA’s are just a form of note taking ! to a certain degree this could be true but there is an underlining point to make that if these items are still performed within the office and people are still using paper to perform these actions, why have we not found an answer to the problem ? 

Most of the people who will read this post will probably say that there is not a problem with this area and if you look at it on the surface then you will be right but if you look at the whole of the area within this field you just might open a door to find the answer with regards to a bigger picture.

Could this be the interaction between people in the office which are still using written communication between colleagues and not having the software or hardware that is commercially acceptable and commonly used within the office.

Then it might just make you think about what a paperless office or paperless system is or what it should represent.

I think what we all agree that SPA’s or software programmes by themselves are not just the answer for a better paperless system it can cover all areas from management and attitude and a way of thinking to really bring the message home that the paperless system could and will benefit companies from saving money, ROI, work flow efficiency, better working conditions and also a greener environment and all these things are connected to a paperless system.

I write this post because it’s time to move to the next satge SPA’s will still play a big part of the site and certainly will still be used as the foundations of what I have mentioned above.

If you still believe that SPA’s are still just a form of notes then you will be pleased to know that I have enclosed some links to say exactly that.

The above links are apps that you can buy for your I pad and they represent exactly that, software that has been designed to take notes and small messages which you can use with your I pad.

Have a look at the links and see what you think ?

My background to the paperless system is that of an academic back ground and with attending university next year will continue for another couple of years yet with hoping to look at the paperless system once again in a different view.

Paperless and the Mobile

Just recently I have spent some time reading various articles and comments stating that the mobile phone can assist and is also used as a paperless office.

I must admit this statement makes me “shudder with horror”

I know you might say that the development of the mobile phone has helped with the general progression of the paperless system and you would be correct to state this, but in the next sentence the mobile phone has assisted the development of all most general gadgetry products that we used on a day to day basis.

If we are stating that the mobile phone is been used as a paperless office in what contents do we mean, looking and reading the articles it’s seems to be in the areas of convenience with regards to booking tickets and also paying bills through paperless transactions, this I would agree, but this is nothing new and we have been using this technology for some time now.

So what else could we be using this for with regards to the paperless office we must remember these are stating that your mobile can be your office.

We have things like apps for scanning so your mobile can scan any documentation , we all so have apps which are claiming to be paperless management documentation systems that you can down load into your mobile, we also have scribed I paper, which lets you down load individual documents into your phone and stores them into a file we also have programmes like OCR  (Optical Character Recognition) or Read Iris Pro which you can down load into your mobile read and view documents as and when required.

I suppose all these things are heading into the right direction and are assisting the development of the paperless system, I just have concerns that the general public believe that you could run your office from your mobile phone.

If you had to put your hand on your hart, could you realistically say that this is possible and is a realistic solution to a paperless office.

What I do like about the mobile industry is that it has been a great benchmarking product for the future of the paperless system, and we have to be gratefully that the general public are so fickle that they must have the latest and fastest technology that paves the way for development and progressive solutions that can be adapted to adjoining technologies within the paperless system.

 I could state that the advertising study that I carried out some time ago with Bradford University was correct, in that the terminology of the wording “Paperless Office” should be used with caution.

My personal belief this that this does not help the progressive development of the paperless office, it may assist the progressive development of paperless solutions which can help us in general termsc and that is a good thing to have as I have so many times stated that we must perceive the customer users perception  and not the technologies perception.

Advertisng and the Paperless Office

This section briefly looks at how might the paperless office be advertise to see if a pattern has developed over the years.

It is and certainly been a standard procedure with any advertising campaign or product to develop a strategy to maximise the products full potential and as this report is not meant to be solely a report on the advertising strategies for the paperless office it is noticeable to see that the paperless system has not developed to what could be called nationalized advertised campaign or even started to obtain a brand name for a system for even for a particular product which is known throughout the industry.

The companies who design paperless system will have there own marketing and advertising campaign to ensure that the product will reach it full potential. But if you look at the paperless office systems the advertising campaign is geared to the concept or wording of the paperless office not one company has developed a system which has place the name or product system before the concept of the paperless office.

Could you class this as a business product only or would you advertise this to the general public and a major green concern that has environmental issues. If you advertised this as a business solution would you be able to maximise this area or if you advertised this as the solely personal computer accessory which enable you to capitalize on the future personalized computer equipment

It is interested to read that there may be an invisible barrier to where the paperless office has to be directed could it be the business world or should it be the environmental issues and to a certain point could it both.

Advertising Study

On viewing and reading how companies advertise the concept of the paperless office a study was carried out with twenty companies to see if a trend or even prominent areas had been developed. 

The process of selecting the companies where based on the following:

  • Each web site clearly advertised that they where selling a product which was related to the concept of the Paperless Office.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of “Environmental” Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the web page the mentioning and wording of “Business or Solution” Paperless was clearly mentioned.
  • On viewing the companies Literature the mentioning and wording of “Business or Solution and Environmental” Paperless was clearly mentioned. 

Below is a graph indicating which section out of the twenty companies advertises the concept of a Paperless Office. This was separated into four sections, Business, Management Software, Environmental and Medical

All the categories that have been covered have been mentioned in the description of what the company was trying to advertise, if in the business category the main area of advertising as to inform the customer that this system would be able to fit in to there business model or organization to achieve a paperless office, if indicated in the environmental section then this company was selling the paperless office with a view to the environmental concerns

The companies categories have been crossed over into each section, so one company might be advertising the system in the management system, business and also environmental.

The diagram clearly indicates that all companies apart form one which was in the medical industry have advertised there system within a business community second was the management software application as a paperless office system and third and forth was the environmental and the medical sectors respectively.

The chart has given the reading a good indication to where the main areas of advertising are within the main stream of the concept of the Paperless Office.

This information can help with the understanding how the concept has grown and what direction the Paperless Office has taken. From the findings it has clearly indicated that the area is more business solution, but how can the companies who advertise this solution make an impact. A good understanding of the Schumpeter’s wave theory would assist the reader of how this may take place. 

External Influencing Factors

If we look at what could be any external influence’s that are effecting the potential growth of the paperless office?

We could state that technology to a certain degree is a part of all this or is it that the concept of the paperless office has not become a living part of our social lives yet.

Could we could compare this to the mobile phone industry, we all know that least 80% of the population will have or has had a mobile phone in some description.

Is this because this application is designed for a more social activity as the concept of the paperless office is amore ridge format dull and boring and only belongs in the office environment which is normally associated to duties that we have to perform not the duties that we want to perform.

Could the introduction of the I pad not as a product, but as a concept within its self have a revise impact i.e. Mainly designed for a social pastime and activity could the concept because the people want to use this product, some how have an inverted influence of the over all aspect of the concept.

We all know in time that the I pad will be copied and various products will be released in the near future this happens to all products within there lift cycle.

Could the next step be the obvious will the pad design replace the traditional computer design with a connection stand for static purpose and a plug in a traditional key board but still retain it’s overall purpose which you can physically move it around your home and use the touch screen applications in all it’s spender.

Could this be the way forward as the next step to make the concept a favourable aspect with the potential growth of the paperless office?

I do have mine own thoughts about what should be the next step or could assist the potential growth of the paperless office and in time these will be posted on my blog.

Cultural and Sociability of the Paperless Office

This is the area where you will love or hate no technical jargon in this section if you like you could call it the girly section.

Why? because there will be various posts with regards to how we view the concept of a paperless office. Are we really ready for this can we accept that we may have an environment with no paper?

I have mentioned in an other post regarding the area of avoid ness an imaginary feeling to where you feel that you have been stripped naked of all the tools which help you to perform the duties you require, i.e. your pen an paper.

Do we have the ability to perform the tasks that are required form us with the type of software programmes and computers that are available at the present.

I will be straight with the reader of this post and blog if we think that we can start to create a paperless office environment with the standard computer software that appears in our every day hard drive to which we have just bought, i.e. PDF, e mails and various Microsoft programmes then we are wasting our time and money

I certainly do not believe that just because we have installed a software programme that can transfer files from one file to another and then state that we have reduced the efficiency time then this must be the answer to the paperless office.

Then we must stop and instead of looking forward we must take a step backward and look at what is happening.

A paperless office or paperless environment is just more transferring files by pressing a button.

Defining a Paperless Office

The Paperless Office is still a concept which means that there is a very wide acceptance to what is classed as a Paperless Office. One of the main problems when preparing this report was that the Paperless Office has not yet been defined as a product or a design.

The report covers all the necessary areas to try to establish the concept of the Paperless office but has the concept been categorized in any way. The main explanation where as follows, Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition, Volume XI

The above description is cited from the Oxford Dictionary and is concise to its meaning and description, but is this reflection true to what is happening when trying to establish what the paperless office consists of. Would another description be more fitting with regards to what is happening in the real world?

  • A system which is already in your computer, i.e. the email, PDF documents and also the internet browser, this is all been all classed as a paperless office.
  • The other system is when companies employ, a specialized company, to design a system, which will affect all concerns or part concerns, within the computer installation of that organization; this is bespoke within its design.

The above two description are just a short indication, of what has or what is a concept of a Paperless Office. This has indicated what the paperless office concept could mean and how the user will perceive this concept.