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History of The Paperless Office (Combined)

Combined History

Both the sections cover a period of approximately 34 years where the paperless office has been mentioned this has indicated that it has been quite dormant over that 34 year period there has been certainly been major ups and downs over the years.

On a closer examination the most noticeable area is that it is more to do with the increasing rate of technology that has increased over the years and not the paperless office idea that has increased or developed in time.

The book Harper and Sellen (2002); The myths of the Paperless Office from Surrey University was a major stepping stone in the right direction not as a technology step or even a break through it covered an area which has not be covered by anybody else the possible area of social behavior towards a piece of paper.

It looked at the view of a piece of paper and not computer system how we read the piece of paper and how we react to it and how we socially behavior towards its everyday use.

This was major step in tying to understand how the paperless office could interact with the user.

The technology of the paperless office in real terms has gone nowhere to the degree of that all it has done is carried itself with the technology race as a whole and it has not taken a certain direction weather this was to the right left or even centre it has just stayed in a dormant state.

An other indices within the history is that the technology aspect and the development seems to be very precarious to the degree that it can not seem to bottom it self out and obtain a straight to steady line if the technology did find a true path it would find that the rest of the technology would follow this is not happing with this system.

To understand and to make things easier a time Graph has been developed this is indicated which century have been the most popular.

History of the Paperless Office (Time Graph)

The purpose of the time graph is to give the reading of the report a clear indication to which century form the history findings has been the most popular. The four different centauries have been divided into 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990 and the year 2000.

  1. 1970
  2. 1980
  3. 1990
  4. 2000

The graph is not a factual representation indicating to how many items an article has been mentioned within the social media but a percentage indication to see which century has been the busiest.

The information clearly indicates that the 1990’s, has the most acknowledgement, within the social medial, followed, by the century of 2000 this is no surprise time as passed and technology has grown.    

We now understand that the 1990s was the most popular century with regards to the paperless office concept. This has established that the concept was the busiest, especially when the economy was booming and investment was possible.

Once this has been established we can now move to what is and what can affect the concept of the Paperless Office this will start with the Cultural and Sociability aspects of the Paperless Office.