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General:History of the Paperless Office

To assist the reader of the blog the history of the Paperless Office has been separated into three sections.

  • General History
  • Technology History
  • Combined General and Technology

 Below is a brief general history of time in relation of the noticeable dates which have been recorded within the social media. Although these are not specific events or even miles stones event, just dates where the business and social community have released their concerns for the intension of the Paperless office systems covering the years form 1975 to 2009.

 The idea of the paperless office was introduced in the year of 1975, Little, Office of the Future (1975),generally stating that all office will be paperless, but it was not until May 1993, Markoff (1993); when a large software corporation i.e. Microsoft started to introduce software developments for the issues of a paperless office.

1993 to 2002 indicates a possible link from how new technology software development could have been introduced to the possible social effects it has on the society and how if any could it be a reality in the real world.

Various reports have indicated form the year 2000 to 2003 papers as a product is booming and the business and paper systems have increased ten fold within its request for demand. Brooke (2001); reporting that the printing industry is booming.

Reading the various article and reports this is mainly due to the economic up turn as the country is in the middle of a boom. If the boom has taken off at such a rate the system will be trying to keep up with the demand and the last thing the software developers will want to be doing is to design and initiate a software programme which will be against the grain at the time of the economic boom.

This may be one of the reasons why there has been a gap for thirteen years due to not having the time or found that this is a concern regarding the idea of a paperless office.

Why would anybody try to improve something according to the business circles and large corporations which where not really required? .The green issues at this time where certainly in our minds but in the scale of the whole green and environment concerns this small area was nothing to talk about, so to a certain degree nobody was interested to pursuit the matter to the next level.

It has become clear that from all the readings and at this stage that this whole area has been a white wash of ideas placed into a washing machine, bit of the experience with large software company a bit of experience form the web and internet and a bit of new and fancy  programme writing all with an open cheque book and we hoped for the best to see if we could find a solutions that could answer all our problems, knowing what the answer is a miss mash of ideas that are not fully expectable if we really want to take this system to the next level.

It is also interesting to view that in all the social media there is no mention of a positive quote or acknowledgments of any green party or organisation taking this matter with the possible concerns that it desires.

We have looked at the general history of the Paperless Officethis has covered from the years 1975 to 2009 but to evaluate the history in greater depth we must now look at the Technology side of the history of the Paperless Office.