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Technology:History of the Paperless Office

The second section covers the area of Technology and how this may have changed the future of the Paperless Office.

Below is a brief general history of time in relation of the noticeable dates which have been recorded within the social media. Although these are not specific events, or even miles stones event, just dates where the business and social community have released their concerns for the intension of the Paperless office systems covering the years form 1970 to 2009.

The first real concern, Landau (1979); was that the paperless office may have problems was recorded in 1979, this is approximately 5 years after it was a pipe dream this was mentioned by an information technology expert from America.

It’s also interesting to read that in 1980, Freeman (1980) Miss Salvage quoted, “that having the wealth of technology the people to implement this wealth but really understand how to implement this knowledge to create a paperless society or office environment”.

 1982 is this the first commercial advertisement requesting to employ a member of staff to introduce a paperless office system could this mean that the potential paperless system has reached a so called domestic situation with having to contact the outside world for help. Could this be the first company that is trying to design possible computer systems?

 In 1989,Cuncliffe (1989); Wang Centre for Imaging Technology will be to provide a $4 million paperless office system for Manitoba could this be a one of the earliest largest investments with investing 4 million pounds into a paper less system.

1990 has mentioned that the term of a Paper less office is now more acceptable than the terminology of “electronic office” and “document less office… It also interesting to read, that Xerox is betting that the office of the future will not be paperless. Which is quite strange, because now Xerox is one of the leading companies that are leading the technology into the future?

1994 and a piece of technology has been mentioned with connection to the paperless office this is a single page paper scanner which can scan a piece of paper and the information, can be connected to the main system and therefore making the piece of paper not required.

Hoch (2004) Ricoh, Silicon Valley in 2004, mention that they have produced a new system, which has taken 5 years to develop paperless system for the small and medium sized business which included major concerns regarding storage platform, although the general findings where seemed to be a joke with regards to the overall progression of the paperless office.

2006 – Farguhar (2006) NHS Mental Health Trust, Mersey Care have introduced a major paper less office system to there storage and office system, although there has been no future reports to see if the system has worked and no further reports to indicate how the system has performed.

In the year 2009 the general concerns are that we are still stating that the paperless office is still a pipe dream and it will not happen.

To conclude the history of the Paperless Office the Author has combined both the general and technology findings together complete with a time graph indicating the most popular time phases.