How to use the SPA Table

SPA Table                                                                              

The Table can give you a good guideline and calculation with regards to the SPA Activities.

If we where to use the above figures to try to obtain a time and motion requirement please note the above table has not been designed just for time and motion time and motion calculations are a complex procedure but the table would certainly provide you with good guideline figure


If an office has 4 computers and they have calculated that there are approximately 3 SPA activities to each computer, you would then use the figure of 10.24 > 11.00 for the calculation.

37hrs/week  ( 37*4) =  148 hrs  10.00 ( hr/rate) * 148 = 1480

11% of 148 =  16.80/4  = 4.20 each person.

 You could estimate due to SPA Activities each person is costing the company £4.20 per week

Or if you where trying to design a paperless office system, you could also indicate, that due SPA Activities there would be a decrease in the efficiency of the system up to 10.24% due to that most bespoke installations do take in to account SPA Activities.

The SPA calculations have been designed to assist in many ways of management efficiency and also to make ware of this potential problem.


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