SPA Table Calculation Proofs

All calculations for the SPA Table are restricted and are only available upon request

These include the following

Facility Study carried out at The University of Bradford

The facility study Intention is to concentrate on the activities of a piece of paper with regards to it being a communication tool for the purpose as a written medium in the context of written communication between persons.

Study Objective 

The facility study is to design a template tool that can be used as a guideline to achieve a practical reduction in the non E flow system within a typical office environment complete with a confidence Interval within Hypothesis Test frame work.

Hypotheses Testing Framework

 To prove the calculations form the Facility Study a,Vining and Kowalski (2008)

Hypotheses Testing Framework has been implemented.

 A Hypotheses Testing Framework is a frame work that provides a set of established calculations that can provide a proven calculation based form the findings.

The frame work will consist of the following:

Within the frame work steps of processes will be performed Caulcutt (2007) with regards to the Confidence Internal while from an engineering point of view the confidence interval approach is often more meaningful and the hypothesis testing framework is more general and widely use in statistics.

 If you would like more information regarding the above please contact the Martin in the leave a comment section at the end of the page


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